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"Urban+Ade After 5"
for when you want something stronger

Gin and Tonic-ish

For this you could use the frozen "Sour" pouch which is herb-infused juice that has no sweetener. Make your gin and tonic to your taste and then add some of our Sage and Mint Sour. A friend gifted me this gin from McClintock Distillery in Frederick, Maryland. I have to use something called "Gardener's Gin", you know!!!


Prosecco and Thyme

Katie from Frederick County shared that her new favorite drink is Sage + Mint UrbanAde mixed 50/50 with Prosecco, served over ice with a sprig of fresh thyme! Photo by Katie. Thanks for sharing!


Fresh Strawberry & Orange Liqueur 

Add your favorite Urban+Ade (for this I ususally use Sage and Mint) and fresh strawberries to a blender along with some of the fantastic Mandarin Orange Liqueur from local distillery Don Ciccio & Figli, whom you can find selling at the Dupont Circle Market. It is the perfect summer treat!


Your recipe here

Please share your ideas using our submission link above and I will happily share them here so other's can try it out!

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