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Urban+Ade is currently available in three different packaging options.


Sealed Cups

Fresh and Ready to Drink

Available directly from us at our farmers market stands and special events. We can also sell cups to cafés, shops and breweries who would like a sealed product for their customers.




Fill and Serve Pouches

Frozen to maintain the best flavor.
Available in 1.5 liter and 1 gallon size

Our fill and serve pouches are a great way to bring Urban+Ade home for the whole family. Since you add the water at home, these packages are lightweight and don't take up a lot of freezer space. When you are ready to use simply add water, shake and serve. The handy bottom spout helps the Urban+Ade stay fresh in your fridge since it creates a vacuum as you empty it.


(Pro tip- if you want an adult beverage, you don't have to add only water....kwim???)



20210317_142857 1.jpg

Sour Pouches

Our herb infused lemon juice. Frozen and completely unsweetened.

Our sour pouches are great for those who have dietary restrictions and can't have the cane sugar that comes in our regular pouches. To make lemonade you simply add whatever sweetener you prefer; stevia, monk fruit, honey, etc. You also might choose to not add sugar and just enjoy changing your daily water into an herbal lemon water.

Sour pouches are also great for using in baking to give an extra boost to recipes calling for lemon juice.

Only available in Sage + Mint



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