Frequently asked questions

Should I refrigerate Urban+Ade?

Absolutely. If it is ready to drink you should treat it like a dairy product and keep it cold. Remember that Urban+Ade has no preservatives and is not to be stored at room temperature. If you purchased a frozen pouch just keep it in your freezer until you are ready to mix in the water. If you leave it out for a few hours on a very warm day it might start to ferment. I know some people do that on purpose, but I don't recommend it!

Do you use fresh lemons?

No. I use pure, frozen lemon juice that I get from a family company in California. All the lemons used in their juice are from the United States. Buying frozen lemon juice from an American supplier has a couple of great benefits- 1) PURITY: There are absolutely no additives used in the juice I have sourced, so those with food sensitivies know my juice is 100% pure lemon juice. 2) ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: Lemons are a southwestern US crop that are grown primarily in AZ, NM and southern CA (they are not common at all in FL, which kinda surprised me as I did my research). I decided not to buy and juice whole lemons because the environmental toll of trucking the amount of whole lemons across the country every week seemed incredibly wasteful to me.

For sweetened Urban+Ade products, what sweetener do you use?

We use pure cane sugar that is also vegan certified in our lemonades and will offer local honey to sweeten our hot teas, when available.

What is the nutritional information for sweetened Urban+Ade that I've purchased at market?

What is the nutritional information for SOUR (unsweetened) Urban+Ade, like what is in the frozen pouches?

How do I make lemonade in the frozen pouches?

You can keep the pouch frozen until ready to use. When you're ready to mix simply remove the screw top, fill with the desired amount of water (For the 1.5 liter we suggest filling it to the top. For the gallon size just fill it to the gallon mark on the side of the bag.). Replace the screw top and shake the bag until the base is melted and the product is combined. If your freezer is super cold, you can start by filling the bag with a little bit of warm water, replacing the cap, and shaking to help melt the frozen base. Then fill the rest of the way with cold water and shake again to combine.

How long will Urban+Ade last in my refrigerator?

You should try to use it all within 7 days of mixing.