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Drink and Mocktail Ideas
for the whole family

Fruit Urban+Ade

From the first strawberries in early spring to splashes of apple cider in the fall, Urban+Ade pairs wonderfully with all kinds of fruit from the farmers market. You can blend or crush whole fruit like strawberries, peaches, mulberries, blackberries or raspberries and add it straight to your favorite Urban+Ade flavor. We also have added a splash of bottled juice from other farm stands, like tart cherry juice, which is super easy!


Hot Urban+Ade

When the weather turns cool hot lemonade really hits the spot! It is soothing to sore throats and is great to sip on after a day at a winter market or playing in the snow. Splashes of apple cider or tart cherry juice from one of our fellow market vendors will give an extra flavor boost. An important hint though, don't heat past steaming (I've found that 140-160f is about right), because the herbal flavor diminishes the hotter it gets.


Frozen Urban+Ade

If you have frozen fruit you can put it straight into a blender with Urban+Ade for a great summer treat. If you would like Urban+Ade as a frozen drink without adding fruit, just add less water to your pouch when mixing (only fill about 2/3 full) and then add ice to the blender along with the more concentrated Urban+Ade. This will keep your drink from being too watered down. As always, let your taste buds be the guide.


Your Recipe Here

Let me know in the link above how you fancy up your Urban+Ade and I will add it here for others to try out!

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