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Being able to put a face, and a place, to where ones food comes from is an important way to connect communities in our ever changing food system. Let us tell you our story!

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Our Story

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About Urban + Ade

Adding value to our farm grown herbs by making them into drinks became a valuable part of our farm's business.

In the summer of 2012 we were selling vegetables, herbs, meats and eggs as a part of a new market that was in a sweltering location. The customers at this market were not familiar with culinary herbs and their flavors and were often asking me what they tasted like and how to use them. I decided to start showcasing the herbs in a drink so that we could refresh and educate at the same time. 

Soon, I was selling more lemonade at the market than vegetables and the idea to take this herbal lemonade to the next level began. The name Urban+Ade was born and the business has been expanding ever since.

Our Story

Turning an abandoned and neglected historic farm into a lovely, restored piece of local history.

We rebuilt the home from decades of neglect and, with very young sons in tow, decided to start farming the land in a way that respected nature.

More to come :-)

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About Evensong Farm
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