This 8"x 8" canvas print of Phoebe, our farm mascot, is available with two different gift options. Select the option you prefer from the dropdown menu, then add to cart.


Option 1- SOLD OUT Contains a whole, bone in Rib Roast (5-6lb), an Arm Roast (2-3lb), 4 pkg of long cut short ribs (about 2lb), and 5 lbs ground beef. Total weight approx 14.5-15.7lbs.
Option 2- SOLD OUT Contains a whole Beef Tenderloin, aka, Filet Mignon (2.5-2.9lb). This box also includes an Arm Roast (2.4lb), a Chuck Roast (3lb), 4 pkg of long cut short ribs (2lb) and 5lb ground beef. Total weight approx 14.9-15.3lbs.


  • Returns are not allowed but, if for some reason you change your mind, I will be glad to give a refund if the order is cancelled no later than the day before expected delivery.

  • This item is only available for delivery to my usual sales area and will be delivered in February, 2021. Exact date TBD.