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I'm used to selling Urban+Ade to you at a farmers market where we can interact face to face. There I can gauge if you want all the info or just want to shop and dash, here online I will have to make do with this impersonal FAQ section. If you have ANY questions, please use the chat button to leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP. I may even add your question to the list! 

  • Do I have to keep Urban+Ade refrigerated?
    A resounding YES! We do not use any preservatives in our product so freezing it will maintain the freshness without any loss of flavor. It can keep in the freezer for months with no loss of flavor or quality (although separation may occur, which is totally natural). Once you thaw the Urban+Ade, please consume it within 7 days for freshness.
  • My Urban+Ade arrived thawed, is it still okay?
    If your shipped product is still cold but has thawed before you get it inside, no worries, go ahead and put it in the freezer until you are ready to use it. However, if your product has taken over 2 days to arrive at your door and the ice packs & product are completely thawed and warm, please call me!
  • Can I refreeze Urban+Ade?
    Yes, although please keep some good practices. If you are thawing it to portion out into smaller amounts, thaw in the fridge so it doesn't get warm while thawing. Then portion as you wish and refreeze. If it gets too warm it may start to ferment.
  • Why don't you ship the same day I place my order?
    Right now I am only shipping out once a week. You need to have your order in by Friday so that I can pack your order in a box with ice packs and freeze them over the weekend to get them super cold. Then I will ship them out on Monday so they will be to you by Wednesday. If you need your order to arrive at a different time please contact me. I will try my best to accommodate your needs.
  • What's the deal with the cost of shipping?
    The holdback I have had about starting an online store was the shipping dilemma. I need to ship my products so they will arrive to you cold. This involves heavy ice packs, as well as maximum 2 day delivery, which makes the shipping expensive. The shipping fees that my site is generating seem to be appropriate until order sizes get larger, then shipping appears to get out of control and way more expensive than it actually is. To mediate this problem in larger orders I have three different coupon codes, please take advantage of their discounts! $10offover50 $15offover75 $20offover100 If the shipping quote that is automatically generated seems completely out of whack, feel free to contact me and I will double check it before you place your order.
  • Where do you ship to?
    I ship within the continental US. If you are in the MD, DC, VA, PA area you will have the least expensive shipping.
  • Do you grow everything in your lemonade?
    I do grow all the herbs right here on our farm. That is why our product can be seasonal and I can run out of various flavors now and then. If I am out of a certain herb I won't just run to the nearest wholesaler to buy it, I wait for it to be ready to harvest. It takes extra patience but we believe in the authenticity of using only our own herbs in Urban+Ade. It may come as no surprise but, I don't grow lemons. I get my lemon juice delivered frozen from a family operation in California. It is much more environmentally friendly than shipping whole lemons across the country. Also, their product follows all Juice HACCP guidelines with the FDA, which was a critically important part of me getting my license to sell Urban+Ade. For our Fill + Serve Pouches I add a simple syrup that I make with cane sugar. I don't grow the sugar. I have grown stevia for the lemonade but no one wanted to buy it.... so cane sugar it is!
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