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Recipe Ideas

Yes, Urban+Ade is amazing on its own, but why stop there? Through the years our fans have used Urban+Ade for all kinds of special treats - from cocktails to mocktails to deserts and even some savory dishes. Click through below to see some ideas we've really enjoyed. And please be sure to tell us about YOUR favorite variations by filling out the form below! I will add them to the site to share your ideas with others!


From the first strawberries in early spring to splashes of apple cider in the fall, Urban+Ade pairs wonderfully with all kinds of fruit from the farmers market. You can blend or crush whole fruit like strawberries, peaches, mulberries, blackberries or watermelon and add it straight to your favorite Urban+Ade flavor. We also have added a splash of bottled juice from other farm stands, like tart cherry juice, which is super easy! To make it easier, we give pairing suggestions on the product pages!


If you have frozen fruit you can put it straight into a blender with Urban+Ade for a great summer treat. If you would like Urban+Ade as a frozen drink without adding fruit, just add less water to your pouch when mixing (only fill about 2/3 full) and then add ice to the blender along with the more concentrated Urban+Ade. This will keep your drink from being too watered down. As always, let your taste buds be the guide.


We have used our Sour Urban+Ade juice to make lemon bars and lemon cake. We like it stronger so we put the herb infused juice in the icing and the batter! Just use our juice in place of anywhere it calls for regular lemon juice and keep all quantities the same. Our sour pouches have even been used on pizzas and with chicken dishes.

dark pink Tarragon.png

The cocktail combinations are limitless! For drinks that have a lighter alcohol content, dilute the Urban+Ade with water or club soda (or tonic or seltzer) as you usually would for lemonade before adding spirits. If you want something stronger, you can fill the pouch only part full with water. Some people just add liquor directly to the Fill + Serve Pouch--this has the added benefit of being able to go straight back into the freezer!! Look at the bottom of the page for specific drink recommendations, or leave your own!


Whether it is cooler weather or whether you feel under the weather, hot lemonade hits better! You can heat it on its own or add tea or cider. We suggest not heating much above 150F because the delicate herbal flavors may diminish at higher temps.

verbena-light purple_edited.png

Don't let the drinkers get to have all the fun with their cool twists, flavor additions and garnishes! For mocktails I usually don't add as much water to the mix to keep the flavor stronger. Then I like to use a carbonated mixer for extra zing. One can add bitters, fresh ginger, muddled fresh herbs or fruits, and don't forget to garnish with herb sprigs or citrus peels.

try these drink combinations and submit your ideas on the form below!
  • Red Basil + Tarragon Sour Gin and Tonics- Classic U+A Favorite!

  • Sage + Mint Lemonade with Prosecco- light summer spritz

  • Lavender + Verbena Lemonade with Lambrusco- red wine take on a spritz

  • Shiso + Orange Mint Base with Orange liquor, Elderflower, and soda

tempt our tastebuds

How do you use Urban+Ade Sour or the sweetened Base?

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