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SOUR Lavender + Verbena Frozen Packet, 4fl oz(118mL)

SOUR Lavender + Verbena Frozen Packet, 4fl oz(118mL)

SKU: 103

The soothing flavor of Lavender is complimented by the addition of Lemon Verbena, which helps to tame the stronger notes of Lavender and gives this flavor combo a refreshing lift. Also contains a bit of Lavender Thyme, a rare, yet super cool herb! Tastes fantastic with the addition of blackberries or blueberries and, for something completely different, we've combined it with Lambrusco to make a fizzy, red wine spritz!


Our SOUR packets contain our herb infused lemon juice and can be used in place of lemon juice in any recipe for cooking, mocktails, or cocktails. These packets will make 1.5 Liters of lemonade, just like the Fill and Serve pouches, just add your own sweetener to taste (we suggest no  more than ½ cup sugar). Keep frozen until ready to use and refrigerate any unused portions for up to 7 days.

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