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SOUR Shiso + Orange Mint Frozen Packet, 4fl oz(118mL)

SOUR Shiso + Orange Mint Frozen Packet, 4fl oz(118mL)

SKU: 102

One of our most popular flavors combines Shiso, a dark purple Asian Basil that tastes a bit like earthy plums, with Orange Mint, a variety of mint that isn't strongly "minty" but instead also has fruit-like notes. The resulting lemonade is naturally pink with an earthy/fruity flavor that mixes well in cocktails and with add-in fruit purees like watermelon and peach.


Our SOUR packets contain our herb infused lemon juice and can be used in place of lemon juice in any recipe for cooking, mocktails, or cocktails. These packets will make 1.5 Liters of lemonade, just like the Fill and Serve pouches, just add your own sweetener to taste (we suggest no  more than ½ cup sugar). Keep frozen until ready to use and refrigerate any unused portions for up to 7 days.

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